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Why 266 Scientists Are Sounding The Alarm About The Dangers Of Non-Stick Cooking Pans

Over 200 Renowned Scientists Believe There May Be Links To cancer, hyperthyroidism, auto-immune diseases and obesity in the #1 ingredient in non-stick cooking pans, Teflon¹. If you or anyone in your family is using a non-stick pan to cook your meals, then please read every word of this letter to see how it could be damaging your health.

If you cook with a non-stick Teflon pan what I am about to tell you may be quite upsetting…

It’s one of the biggest unknown scandals of the 21st century.

Something we’ll look back in years to come and say

“How on earth did we let them get away with it.”

But by reading this letter to the very end,

If you cook with a non-stick Teflon pan what I am about to tell you may be quite upsetting…
It’s one of the biggest unknown scandals of the 21st century.

Something we’ll look back in years to come and say

“How on earth did we let them get away with it.”

But by reading this letter to the very end,
Because by informing yourself with this knowledge, 

you’ll be able to remove this potentially lethal toxin from your house once and for good.

And believe us when we say, when you find out just how nasty this stuff is,

you’ll want to throw it out of your house this very minute.

But I want you to know that this article isn’t all doom and gloom,

because if you read to the end I'll also give you…
  • The top 3 things you need to watch out for to ensure your cookware isn’t poisoning your family…
  • A simple 3 minute test you could perform at home that will help you see if your current pan is a toxic hotbed.
  • Plus I’ll let you know exactly what you should look for to replace them with a safe alternative that still has incredible non-stick properties.

So what’s this all about you may be wondering?

You see the main ingredients in Teflon non-stick pans are something called polyfluoroalkyl substances or PFA’s for short.

And even though you may have read that one type of PFA, called PFOA (Perfluorooctanoic acid), was banned recently. ²

This has made no difference and is actually scandalous in itself.

Because what you may not know is that the companies involved simply tweaked the molecule and used a new and untested type of PFA. ³

If you use a non-stick Teflon or T-fal pan to cook with, chances are it is BRIMMING with PFAs.

In fact, almost all black, non-stick cookware use PFAs in some form.
And the international scientific community are becoming increasingly alarmed that these substances are linked to:
  • Birth Defects
  • Hyperthyroidism
  • Autoimmune Diseases
  • ​Testicular & Kidney Cancer
  • ​& Even Obesity
In fact 266 internationally renowned scientists have come together and cried out for governments to ban these substances until rigorous testing has been done.

It’s called the Madrid statement.

And it echoes the cries of the international scientific community in the past that fell on deaf ears.
They rallied against the dangerous scourge of asbestos only to be told it was fine.

We learned years later it caused a deadly type of lung cancer called mesothelioma that was incurable.

They called for an end to smoking but the tobacco companies paid doctors to say it was actually good for you.

Smoking is now proven to be one of the most deadly things you can do.

They told the world to stop using CFCs because it was causing irreversible damage to our atmosphere.

We now have a hole in the ozone layer that is roughly the size of Greenland, causing skin cancer rates in Australia to skyrocket.

dangerous scourge of asbestos only to be told it was fine.
We learned years later it caused a deadly type of lung cancer called mesothelioma that was incurable.

They called for an end to smoking but the tobacco companies paid doctors to say it was actually good for you.

Smoking is now proven to be one of the most deadly things you can do.

stop using CFCs because it was causing irreversible damage to our atmosphere.

We now have a hole in the ozone layer that is roughly the size of Greenland, causing skin cancer rates in Australia to skyrocket.
Yes there is very strong evidence that the very thing you cook your food could be 
  • poisoning you, 
  • causing cancerous growths throughout your body, 
  • driving your immune system to turn on itself 
  • and causing your metabolism to slow to a crawl meaning no matter what you eat there’s no chance of losing weight.
If you’re anything like I was the first time I discovered this, your jaw may well be swinging in disbelief.
It’s almost too disgusting to be true.

When you read the full story below, it gets even more wild, we’re talking...
  • Repurposing of military technology for uses it was NEVER intended for...
  • A $671 million dollar settlement that took a poisoned town ten years of fighting tooth and nail to get… And how this lead to pioneering scientific research you MUST READ...
  • Cows growing crazy grotesque tumours that made them look like frankenstein monsters from a weird b-rated horror movie…
  • Pet budgies unexplainably keeling over in their cages, from what? Nobody could work it out for years...
  • Poisonous gases that could be wafting through your home every time you cook… And the simple 2 minute test you can do to check your cookware…
  • The 3 risk factors you MUST know about to tell if your cookware is safe for your family… If any of these are wrong, you’re family could be at risk...
  • A corporate cover up that should have sent dozens of corrupt executives to JAIL, but that they got away with scot free...
  • And the chemicals responsible for all of the above are probably in contact with almost every piece of food you put into your body...
All of this is being suppressed by the mainstream media…

And when you read it, you’ll be shocked.

But before we get to that, I need to explain just how deep the

But before we get to that, I need to explain just how deep the Teflon corruption runs...

When I first started learning about this I had so many questions

What the hell is going on here?

How did this happen?

How are we letting it still happen?

Why isn’t the government protecting Americans from this?

As ever, it boils down to one thing...corporate greed

and billions of dollars of profit for the evil companies that produce these chemicals and cookware.
A profit so large that they were willing to ignore the fact that these harmful chemicals have been scientifically shown to:
  • Linger in your body until the day you die
  • Cause cancerous growths in the testicles and kidneys
  • Drive your immune system to turn on itself
  • Scramble your thyroid until it barely works
  • And slow your metabolism to a crawl meaning no matter what you eat there’s no chance of losing weight
And each year millions of units of cookware are still being pumped out of factories containing these substances to this day.

To fully understand exactly where this crazy harmful substance came from we need to go back to military technology of WW2

Teflon was created in a lab back in 1938.

Right at the start of the second world war.⁴

At the time, any new technological breakthrough was being looked at to try and gain a foothold in the second world war.

Knock on consequences weren’t even a consideration.

Originally looking for new gases to use in refrigerators, Dr Roy J. Plunkett discovered Teflon by accident.

He found that one particular gas, PTFE, actually dried onto the glass vial it was being stored in.

This dry residue turned out to be the slipperiest, most corrosion-resistant substance known to man.
Side note, this corrosion-resistance is exactly why PFA’s are known as the “FOREVER CHEMICAL”
They simply do not break down and will stay in your body until the day you die.
Fast forward further into world war 2 and it turns out Teflon would have a pivotal role.
It was so slippery and resistant to corrosion it was perfect for us in the atomic bomb.

To protect certain parts whilst being in contact with the toxic chemicals within.

Turns out, Teflon is VERY durable.
  • If the toxic materials in an atomic bomb can’t break down PFA’s, what do you think happens when these substances enter your body?
Much like asbestos, the body simply cannot break these particles down, they linger in the body for the rest of your life.

And similarly to asbestos, there is growing evidence as to many very bad side effects that are starting to emerge from PFAs.

But how do we get from the atomic bomb to the pans currently sat in your cupboard?

Well, shortly after the war chemical giant Dupont realised PFA’s would be a great way to make a non-stick cooking pan.

They trademarked PFA’s under the brand names most Americans are now familiar with, Teflon and T-Fal.

Compared to any other pan at the time, Teflon pans were by far superior.
Teflon was heralded as a miracle material.
Easier to clean,

less oil was needed

and food didn’t stick to the pan.

Sales of Teflon products skyrocketed.

Profits boomed.

The company started raking in up to $1 billion dollars in profit a year.

But there was a dark side…

Deep Inside The Dupont Factories Where Teflon Was Being Made, People Were Starting To Get Sick…

The factory workers called it “Teflon Flu”. ⁵

Horrible, flu-like symptoms that made them sick with chills, fevers and headaches for days. ⁶

Just a few whiffs of the toxic fumes coming off the production line would be enough.

The technical name is polymer fume fever and only now is it starting to be well documented.

You see when heated above 300 °C,

PFA’s give off toxic fumes that are harmful to humans, leading to the horrible symptoms listed above.
Flu like symptoms don’t sound so bad until you realise, that’s only because of how big humans are.

Serious damage is still occurring.

To other species with smaller lungs, this causes so much damage it leads to death.

Pet birds in particular,

there are dozens of cases of pet birds keeling over in their cages due to the fumes given off by Teflon pans… ⁷
Here are just a few of the reports from scientific journals looking at this:
  • Four stove top burners, underlined with Teflon-coated drip pans, were preheated in preparation for Thanksgiving dinner; 14 birds died within 15 minutes
  • Nonstick cookie sheet was placed under oven broiler to catch the drippings; 107 chicks died
  • Water burned off a hot pan; more than 55 birds died
  • Electric skillet at 300°F and space heater were used simultaneously; pet bird died
  • Water being heated for hot cocoa boiled off completely; pet bird died
  • Grill plate on gas stove used to prepare food at normal temperatures; two birds died on two separate occasions
Just because humans don’t die when exposed to polymer fumes (which you could be doing every time you cook) it doesn’t mean it might not be causing permanent damage to your lungs. 

If it’s enough to kill birds, potentially this is causing real damage to your lungs...

and frankly, pet Birds keeling over is enough for me to know Teflon is not safe in my food.

But that’s just the start of it, repeated high exposure to PFAs leads to all sorts of other illnesses and diseases.

And the shocking part is, Dupont (the manufacturers of Teflon), have known about it for years… ⁸
Enter Rob Billott,
a corporate lawyer turned environmental activist and campaigner for the rights of residents living in Parkersburg

the town most badly hit by the scourge of PFA’s. 

He doesn’t much care if he’s made enemies over the years.

“I’ve been dealing with this for almost three decades,” he says.

“I can’t really worry about if the people on the other side like me or not.”

And it’s a good job for all Americans that he has fought the good fight…

Because without Billot, there is a very high likelihood that these dangerous chemicals would have been kept secret for many more years.
Billot, first got involved with PFA’s and Dupont when Wilbur Tennant came into his Cincinnati law office with a box full of old VCRs.
He was gripped from the moment he pushed play on the first tape.

What Billot watched was shocking.

Wilbur Tennant was a second generation dairy farmer, he’d raised a small herd of 200 cattle, but they’d started dying in gruesome and mysterious circumstances.

He’d lost almost 100 calves and nearly 50 cows in less than two years.

No one could explain why...
But Tennant believed it was due to the runoff from the Dupont factory that manufactured Teflon.

Like some weird b-rated horror movie Tennant showed cows with ghastly blackened teeth.

Many would just keel over and die in the middle of pasture without warning and Wilbur couldn’t find any local vets willing to do autopsies on them.

“We can’t get messed up in any of that business against Dupont they said, too may people here in Parkersburg are employed by them. We’d lose all our business.”

So Wilbur did it himself.

He found all sorts of weird green and black tumours in the liver, heart, stomachs, kidneys and gall bladder.

Abnormally large organs, unnatural smells.

It wasn’t right.

‘‘I don’t even like the looks of them,’’ he says. ‘‘It don’t look like anything I’ve been into before.’’

This was a man who’d been rearing and butchering cows all his life.

He saw cows with stringy tails, malformed hooves, giant lesions protruding from their hides and red, receded eyes; cows suffering constant diarrhea, slobbering white slime the consistency of toothpaste, staggering bowlegged like drunks.

Tennant always zoomed in on his cows’ eyes. ‘‘This cow’s done a lot of suffering,’’ he would say, as a sad blinking eye filled the screen.

"If you saw these animals with tumors, with black teeth wasting away, and they're standing in white, suddenly foaming water, and you could see it coming right out of the Teflon factory,"

These animals were meant to be standing on the runoff from something you cook on.

Surely this shouldn’t be so toxic it’s causing all these issues?

"I mean, it was, to me at least, it was pretty obvious there was a problem here." Bilott said.

Billot took the case and started digging in to what would be the biggest case of ongoing corporate corruption of his lifetime.

It turned out that some years prior to Wilbur Tennants cows dying in mysterious circumstances, 

a section of land next to his farm had been sold to Dupont.

Dupont decided this would be the perfect place to dump the toxic PFA waste from the manufacturing processes of their cookware.

They renamed it Dry Run Landfill, 

after the creek that ran through it that was upstream from Wilbur Tennants farm.

So Billot connected the dots, this must of been the reason why the cows were getting so sick.
He requested a review by Dupont, to see if they thought it would be causing any harm to the animals.

Dupont sent three of their own scientists.

No surprise then when the report they sent back found they had done nothing wrong.

They told Tennant it was just bad husbandry and he should look after his cows better.

Here they were claiming Tennant didn’t know how to raise cows.

Something he’d been doing his whole life.

Tennant was furious, and it lit a fire inside Billot.

He was going to get to the bottom of this.

They decided to take Dupont to court.

David vs goliath.

He asked Dupont for all the files they had relating to PFA’s.

They flat out refused, so Billot filed a court order.

In an act of sheer intimidation Dupont sent a lorry load of documents to him, 110 thousand in total.

Most people would have quit in desperation, but not Billot.

He organised the sheets like a madman on the floor of his small office, he’d spend full days in there at a time without leaving except for toilet breaks.

His assistant would bring him lunch and coffees to keep him awake.

He was constantly tired...

Dark baggy circles formed round his eyes,

the work was killing him.

But what he found in those 110 thousand files was so shocking, he simply had to keep looking through them.

Dupont knew the dangers of PFOA. 

They always had.

They’d known about its toxic effects since as early as the 60’s and they were conducting secret underground medical studies.
Dupont knew the dangers of PFOA. 

They always had.

They’d known about its toxic effects since as early as the 60’s and they were conducting secret underground medical studies.
In 1961 they found it substantially increased the size of the livers in rats and rabbits.⁹

A year later they found it had the same effect on dogs.⁹

PFOA bound with plasma in the bloodstream and it would invade every cell in the body.

By 1970, Dupont realised many of their factory workers had elevated levels of PFOA in the bloodstream.⁹

They kept it a secret.

Then in 1981 3M, one of their manufacturing partners told them they had discovered that the substance caused birth defects in rats.⁹
Dupont tested the children of pregnant employees in their Teflon division, of seven births, two had eye defects.

It was around this time that Bucky Bailey was born.¹⁰

Bucky was born with one eye that was severely out of place on his face and has had to undergo almost 40 surgeries throughout his lifetime.

Bucky Baileys mother was on the Teflon line, she was around a lot of PFAs.

Again, Dupont kept this information completely secret.
The documents openly said that Dupont believed 1 in 150 billion parts was the acceptable safe level for PFA’s in water.

Yet they had openly tested the water supply in Parkersburg and found levels almost 3 times that amount and kept it secret.

It went on, in another sickening experiment Dupont scientists had workers smoke Teflon laced cigarettes.

They found the just one pin-head of burned Teflon could produce polymer fume fever.¹¹

The flu like sickness caused by Teflon.

You may be thinking, but I’m not inhaling burned Teflon fumes in a cigarette?

Well think again because as this video below shows, it takes a shockingly low 2 mins 44 seconds for a pan to reach that temperature.
If you have your own thermometer at home, you can do it yourself.

If not, just trust us, it is shockingly quick and easy to let a Teflon pan heat to point where it is giving off toxic fumes.
If you have your own thermometer at home, you can do it yourself.
If not, just trust us, it is shockingly quick and easy to let a

Billot had found everything he needed, the jig was up…

In August 2000, Billot called DuPonts lawyer, Bernard Reilly, and explained exactly what he had found.

The game was over and Bernard Reilly knew it.

DuPont quickly settled with Wilbur Tennant for a large amount of money.

Billot should have been happy, he’d won.

But when he went to bed that evening, he felt sad, deflated.

He knew nothing had changed.

The next day millions of Americans would wake up and cook their breakfast on a pan that contained actual poison.

He was going to keep fighting, but there was one burning question that needed to be answered.

How were they getting away with all of this?

A weird loophole in USA law that is STILL in effect today means what they are doing is completely legal.

Yes, you read that right. 

Due to a weird loophole with the EPA in yet another governmental clusterfuck, this is all completely legal for Dupont to hide.

Yes, you read that right. 

Due to a weird loophole with the EPA in yet another governmental clusterfuck, this is all completely legal for Dupont to hide.

See what Billot found out was that due to the 1976 Toxic Substances Control Act, the EPA can only test chemicals when it has been provided evidence of harm.

This means companies get to regulate themselves.

And it’s the reason the EPA has only restricted 5 out of tens of thousands of chemicals that exist on the market today.

But allowing companies to regulate themselves isn’t good enough as we’ve seen time and time again.

Anyone who has been around long enough to remember asbestos knows that corporate greed trumps all morality.

For those that don’t know...
Asbestos is a substance that is proven to cause a type of cancer that causes a very quick and painful death and is incurable.

Yet the EPA still has not been able to ban it.

The asbestos industry simply makes too much money and is able to fight any bans in the court of appeal.

So what chance does the EPA have against a company like Dupont that makes a billion dollars a year in profit just from this one product.

These big companies know exactly how much harm they’re doing and they just don’t care.

Billot was frustrated.

But he wasn’t about to give up and he figured a genius way to prove just how bad PFOA was and try to get it banned…

First Billot wrote a 972 page memo to the EPA explaining exactly what he had found.
It took four years of fighting, but that letter led to a $16.5 million settlement with the EPA.

But they didn’t ban the substance from cookware, there was “insufficient evidence.”
Billot kept going, he put together a class action lawsuit for the town of Parkersburg.

They had been drinking poisoned water for years, Billot would put an end to it.

Every resident of Parkersburg, was asked to come forward and give blood.

Almost all of the 70,000 people came forward.

For years many of them had been getting mystery ailments much more frequently than in other places.

Cancers, autoimmune diseases, ulcerative colitis, thyroid problems…
Parkersburg was riddled with them.

The townsfolk were fed up of being treated like their lives mattered less than profits.

The data that was extracted from those 70,000 blood samples took 7 years to process.

But when the scientists were done spending almost $30 million dollars analysing it, what they found was conclusive.

In December 2011 they published their findings.

There definitely was a definitely a probable link between PFOA and kidney cancer, testicular cancer¹², thyroid disease¹³, high cholesterol¹⁴, pre-eclampsia¹⁵ and ulcerative colitis¹⁶.
Dupont agreed to install filtration systems in the water systems around Parkersburg. 

The findings meant that 3,535 residents were able to file personal-injury lawsuits against DuPont.

Finally the would get justice for the mystery ailments they were suffering from though.

Dupont decided to play dirty.

Instead of settling the class action lawsuit, they decided to fight the claimants, one by one.

Billot was determined, but at the rate of 4 cases per year it was going to take until the year 2890 to clear all the cases.
Thankfully it didn’t come to that.

The first case was a kidney cancer patient called Carla Bartlett, the judge awarded her $1.6 million dollars.

The second case that went to trial was awarded $2 million dollars.

The third was a whopping $12.5 million dollars.

After this they settled the entire class action for $671 million dollars.

A great result for Rob Billot…

Or was it?

In short, no.

When asked to stop producing PFOA’s the old style of PFA’s.

They simply changed one atom on the molecule and kept the whole thing going with something that is more or less identical apart from one small tweak.
‘‘The thought that DuPont could get away with this for this long,’’ Bilott says, his tone landing halfway between wonder and rage, ‘‘that they could keep making a profit off it, then get the agreement of the governmental agencies to slowly phase it out, only to replace it with an alternative with unknown human effects — we told the agencies about this in 2001, and they’ve essentially done nothing. That’s 14 years of this stuff continuing to be used, continuing to be in the drinking water all over the country. DuPont just quietly switches over to the next substance. And in the meantime, they fight everyone who has been injured by it.’’

PFA’s as a chemical class, still haven’t been banned and the global scientific community is very concerned….

PFOA, the most prolific polyfluoroalkyl that Billot included in his lawsuits was only banned globally at the Stockholm Convention in May of 2019.

That’s almost 10 years after Rob Billot first proved how toxic it was.

And now Dupont are simply using a slightly modified version that has all the same properties as PFOA and is completely unregulated...

So the entire horror story could unfold again.

So if you have a Teflon pan you purchased before 2019 there is a good chance it contains PFOA that is proven to be highly toxic in humans.

But even if you’ve bought a Teflon pan in the last 12 months, that’s no good either becaus scientists are still highly concerned about that.
For scientists like Dr. Grandjean, there just isn’t enough information to know how short chain PFASs interact in the body, or if they’re safe. 

“Do we really want to keep exposing the population to potentially toxic chemicals and simply wait for the scientists to find statistically convincing evidence that they are toxic?” says Dr. Grandjean.
“I would think that prevention would be a much better solution.”

What she is saying is very clear.

Unless you want you and your loved ones to be human guinea pigs for the Dupont corporation,

a company that time and time again has shown it has a complete disregard for human life by covering up damaging information,

you need to switch away from Teflon cookware as fast as humanly possible.

Rob Billot is still on the case, he is fighting to make these companies test these compounds before they bring them to market.

But until they do, you need to take matters into your own hands.

That’s why we spent the last 2 years scouring the earth to find the world's safest non-stick cookware material.

That’s why we spent the last 2 years scouring the earth to find the

Introducing the Chefs Foundry P600 Cookware range. 
With Xeradur Ceramic non-stick, non-toxic coating.
Using ceramic as a cooking material dates back up to 5000 years.

Some of the very first cooking artifacts that have been discovered were created using this abundant yet incredibly effective material.

But we didn’t want to just use any old ceramic.

We partnered with Swiss company ILAG, the world leaders in ceramic coating.

To exclusively license their Xeradur 2 ceramic coating for use on our Chefs Foundry P600 cookware.

Ceramic is a completely inert material and is fantastic as a non-stick coating.

However some ceramic pans get a bad rep for cracking and discoloration.

ILAGs special Xeradur coating uses a special 3 step process to heat seal the ceramic.

It leads to a superior non-stick coating that is both durable and doesn’t discolour.

Just take a look below how it compares to regular ceramic.

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We independently test every single batch of P600 cookware rigorously

We test independently every single batch of P600 cookware that comes of the line for all toxins:
  • All PFA substances
  • Lead
  • Cadmium
If they don’t pass with flying colours, they NEVER make it to market.

We wanted these pans to be the very safest known to man.

Before we brought them to market, we put them through the ringer with dozens of tests…

Any great non-stick pan should be able to fry and eg with NO oil without it sticking. The P600 ceramics pass with flying colours.
P600 Ceramic Cookware
Other Inferior Pans...
P600 Ceramic Cookware
P600 Ceramic Cookware
P600 Ceramic Cookware
The chicken wing test is designed to see whether a pan discolours. We take a raw chicken wing and fry it DIRECTLY on the pan with a thick BBQ sauce until cooked. We repeat this 20 times.

Agreed, this is a bit cluckoo mad! But the reason we do it is because we don't our pans to discolor. As you can see on the right, they passed with flying colours!
Some ceramics and non-stick pans are prone to cracking and chipping when going from very hot to very cold. Such as if you were to rinse a hot pan with water.

The ILAG Xeradur 2 we use on our pan has been tested thoroughly to ensure it can withstand extreme heat changes with xero issues.
P600 Ceramic Cookware
The Car Test

In fact if you want, you can watch them in action below yourself…

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They’re induction, gas and electric hob friendly
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  • And they have thick, made to last bases. 

Initial feedback from colleagues in the industry was absolutely outstanding…

Chef’s Foundry’s cookware is awesome and it makes cooking in the kitchen an absolute joy! If you want cookware that is going to last and is non-toxic then you need these pans!
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Remember every single day you use your non-stick pans you're potentially poisoning your family.
But you are particularly at risk if your pan shows any of the following warning signs:
  • Is made by T-fal (Tefal) or are black non-stick: If so they almost certainly contain PFA’s.
  • Made before 2019 - This means your cookware could contain known toxins as they were not banned worldwide until May 2019.
  • Shows any sign of wear and tear - This means harmful PFA’s could be flaking off into your families food.
If your cookware shows one or more of these warning signs, you should seriously consider taking us up on our offer below immediately…

If I asked you, how much would you pay for your family not to get cancer, could you even put a price on it?

I know I certainly couldn’t put any amount of money on keeping my family safe from harmful chemicals.

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Now remember this deal is likely to run out at any moment, so if you truly want to protect your whole family, we recommend purchasing more than one set to give to sons, daughters, mothers or fathers.

They will thank you for looking out for their health and safety.

Not to mention, they make absolutely incredible gifts for birthdays and Christmas.

There’s absolutely NO risk to you to try these with our rock solid money back guarantee.

We fully stand by this cookware set as the best pans money can buy. If you buy them and for any reason you don’t like them in the first 60 days, simply let us know and we’ll pay to have them collected and refund every cent.

How can you let us know? Just email support@chefsfoundry.com

Act fast, only 500 sets are available at this discounted price.

Now I must warn you our friends at big food blogs like PaleoHacks, KetoSummit and Gloriously Vegan have all asked us to try and get some of these pans for their email subscribers for this crazy discounted price.

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Or if you have just landed here from one of those sites, the cat is now out of the bag and it is likely we will sell through our stock in just a matter of hours.

If you want to protect your family with the next generation of incredible non-toxic pans, I highly suggest you go ahead and click the big orange button below right now and lock in your discount.
Remember every day you keep your regular non-stick pans, is another day that you’re putting your family unnecessarily at risk.

Don’t allow your family to be Duponts guinea pigs for one second longer. 

Make the change your family deserves today.

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Here's even more of our happy customers:

James Kalenda
Verified Purchase

"Almost as sharp as a razor to shave! I can't wait to carve the turkey at thanksgiving."

Bob Grainger
Verified Purchase

 "The P600's are wicked sharp knives! I like them, they've got a really nice balance to them."
Frequently Asked Questons:
How do you ship P600 cookware?
Our primary shipping carrier is the United States Postal Service (UPS), so you can expect reliable and prompt delivery of your order. 

We ship from our warehouse in Texas, your cookware should usually be with you in 3-5 working days' time within the United States.
What's the Chef's Foundry Cookware 60 Day Guarantee?
It's simple, we fully stand by this cookware set as the best pans money can buy. If you buy them and for any reason you don’t like them in the first 60 days, simply let us know via email and we’ll refund every cent:

Chef’s Foundry Returns @ Selery
1809 W. Frankford #160
Carrollton, Tx. 75007

Once we receive them back we'll provide a full, no questions asked refund!
What are the sizes of these pans?
Our deluxe cookware set comprises three high-quality ceramic frying pans of different sizes, including:
- 1 x 8-inch frying pan
- 1 x 9-inch frying pan
- 1 x 11-inch frying pan
Do they work on induction cooktops?
Absolutely! They’re induction, gas and electric hob friendly!
Will they get damaged by using utensils?
Only soft touch silicone, bamboo, wooden or plastic utensils should be used with the P600 ceramic pans!

But don't worry, because we offer FREE soft-touch utensils with each order!

These utensils are easy on your cookware and help prevent scratches.
Plus, unlike regular pans, the P600 Cookware is extremely durable and scratch resistant.
How do you clean the P600 cookware?
1 - Soak the pan in warm, soapy water for 10-15 minutes. This will help loosen any dried-on food or stains.

2 - Lightly scrub the affected areas gently with a non-abrasive sponge or cloth, food should come off extremely easily due to the Xeradur 2 non stick coating.

3 - Rinse the pan thoroughly with warm water and dry it with a soft cloth.
Are they oven-safe?
Yes. The Chefs Foundry P600's superior Swiss ceramic coating can withstand extremely high heat without releasing any harmful fumes or chemicals.

Please ensure to remove detachable handles before putting in the oven!
What are these pans made of?
The pan body of our 3-piece ceramic cookware set is made of Alu alloy 3003, which is a type of aluminum alloy that provides excellent heat conductivity and durability. It is not made of oxidized aluminum.

The induction sheet is made of stainless steel 430, which is a high-quality material that is resistant to corrosion and rust.

The inside coating of the pans is world leading Swiss developed Xeradur 2 ceramic coating, which provides a non-stick surface that makes cooking and cleaning easier. 

The outside coating is a silicon polyester heat-resistant coating, which protects the pans from high temperatures and prevents them from warping or deforming.
How long do they last?
The lifespan of any ceramic cookware set can vary depending on factors such as the quality of the materials used, how often it is used, how it is cared for, and the type of stove it is used on. So the truthful answer is, "it depends."

What we can assure you of is the the Chefs Foundry P600's use the worlds best Swiss developed Xeradur 2 coating. Meaning with proper care and maintenance they will last longer than any other ceramic pan on the market.
How do I contact you?
You can email us on: support@chefsfoundry.com
We aim to respond within 24 hours Mon-Fri.
Why do you need my email address and phone number when I order?
We use your email address to send you a confirmation of your purchase - this confirmation also acts as an invoice and receipt for your order.
Your phone number is used in case we're having trouble delivering your order, so it's very important too!
We will NEVER sell or rent your personal details to third parties.
Where do you ship from?
We ship from our fulfillment center in Texas.
Do you deliver internationally?
Yes, we can ship orders internationally.
Just email our support team at support@chefsfoundry.com and we'll manually place an order for you.
Who are Chef's Foundry?
We are a leading kitchenware manufacturer specialising in sourcing high quality kitchen tools that make your life in the kitchen easier. It is our mission to make delicious healthy eating accessible by providing high quality tools that make your food prep a breeze.
Chef’s Foundry Returns @ Selery
1809 W. Frankford #160
Carrollton, Tx. 75007
Email: support@chefsfoundry.com   |   Phone: (682) 688-3475
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